Tailored for your personal circumstances

Your own personal circumstances will determine what protection products you need. Wynchwood offers access to a comprehensive range of products that can cover the major risks to you and your family’s financial future. All of these are sourced from the whole marketplace to give you the best product and value.

  • Life Cover 
    Either level or decreasing life cover provides a lump sum if you die during the term.
  • Critical Illness 
    Provides a lump sum if you contract one of a number of specified serious illnesses.
  • Income Protection 
    Provides an income if you are permanently unable to work.
  • Family Income Benefit 
    Provides an income for your family if you die within the term.
  • Key Man Protection 
    Provides protection for organisations that rely on key individuals.
  • Share Protection
    Provides protection for directors and partners.