With increasing property prices, more of us face the prospect of leaving loved ones with a hefty inheritance tax (IHT) charge. With changes to IHT continuing to evolve, it is prudent to seek advice now.

The Wynchwood approach

Wynchwood works with your solicitor and accountant to construct a holistic approach to your IHT mitigation plan. Together we will consider:

  • Wills
    How does your will deal with your IHT issues?
  • Pension Planning
    How IHT-efficient is your pension plan?
  • Trusts
    Can you use trusts to reduce the value of your estate?
  • Gifts
    Careful use of your gift allowances and any surplus income can reduce the value of your estate immediately.
  • Discounted Gift Schemes
    It may be possible to reduce IHT liability immediately without waiting seven years.
  • Equity Release
    This is an increasingly useful tool for older clients who find themselves living in a valuable property that is already over the IHT threshold.
  • Immediate Care Plans
    These can be used to ring-fence the accumulated wealth of anyone who moves into permanent residential care.
  • Business Property Relief (schemes)
    Investments which are IHT free if they meet the qualifying criteria and are held by the individual for two years.