Advice for every stage.

At different stages in our lives, we need to make plans and provision for our future. With a first job comes a decision about pension provision for our senior years. The first step on the property ladder requires consideration of mortgages and protection products; whilst marriage and family commitments might cause a complete reassessment of finances for things like school fee planning, or even just savings for regular holidays.

As we get older financial planning doesn’t necessarily become any more straight-forward. As your investment portfolio expands, you move house, change jobs and perhaps start to think about plans for retirement, the financial aspects of your life can become increasingly complex. You may wish to contribute to a child’s university fees or deposit for a first home, you may inherit monies from a family member or need to be involved in a relative’s Long Term Care needs.

For many in retirement cash is in short supply, but for those who have taken advice in the good times, options for releasing capital from investments as well as using annuities or drawdown on pension funds mean the need for advice is still important. There may be a need for you to free capital from your home via equity release or start planning for your own Long Term Care needs.

We have demonstrated stable, long term results for our loyal clients. We understand the particular needs of professionals who often require financial plans that are flexible and address their complex requirements.

Above all, the Wynchwood team prides itself on sorting out the bureaucracy and explaining complex matters in simple terms so you understand your options and, ultimately, meet your financial planning objectives.