Wynchwood Continuity of Service – Coronavirus Contingency Planning

As the UK moves towards the next phase of the strategy for managing the coronavirus outbreak, I wanted to brief you on the arrangements we have made and the contingency plans to allow us to continue to serve our clients and business partners through this difficult period, as stated in government guidelines.

We have completed health status and travel audits of all staff and anyone with whom they have frequent contact.  This helps us control the risk of office-based virus transmission but also allows us to ensure we do not place any member of our team or their extended relationships at increased risk of catching the virus.

We have now implemented a number of important measures:

  • All staff are now fully equipped to work remotely from home for a reasonable period of time and will do so until further notice.
  • Our office in Stratford upon Avon will be closed with effect from 5pm on Friday 20th March 2020.  We have taken the decision to close the office premises to help curb any possible transmission of the virus amongst our staff, their families and clients.
  • All regular interaction by telephone and email will of course remain active.  We have designated members of staff who are equipped to maintain contact with our clients.
  • Our company technology has been checked to ensure that staff are able to operate seamlessly on a remote / virtual basis. This includes a review of any functions that are essential to be conducted from within an office environment. 
  • We are encouraging employees, clients and service providers to engage in virtual meetings such as teleconferencing or video calling, in order to collaborate across multiple locations.

I believe we have taken the necessary steps so far to prepare for the increasing challenges that will develop as the government moves through the phases of management of the pandemic.  

We are able to run our business on the above basis via remote locations and all functionality is unaffected, enabling our staff to carry out their duties as though they were in the office.

We will ensure there is continued information flow on market conditions, investment strategies and portfolios, with updates when there are significant developments.  

I will also keep you informed of our preparations and contingency plans as a business in order that you can best work out how to continue to engage with us, and remain confident in the knowledge that we are fully operational, albeit in a nonstandard format.

These are difficult times for everyone and the significant volatility in investment markets is another dimension to the challenge. As your adviser, I am acutely aware of our responsibility to you and your financial wellbeing. Whatever the circumstances, we will continue to fulfil our commitments to you in the weeks and months ahead.

Statement issued on 17/03/2020 by:
Nigel Foster, DipPFS